Project for the day: Fix a decor pumpkin

So, I found a lovely pumpkin decor piece I really liked that matches another pumpkin decor piece I already have. It was on clearance (I guess they had it as part of the halloween decor even though there was no face, so I intend to use it for Thanksgiving), and included a damaged discount as well.

My hubby was a little wary of purchasing it because it was missing the stem, you could see the styrofoam through the decorative edging, and the leaf wasn't attached...but for a price of $1 I figured I could fix it... So I decided to prove to him that I could. (Not that I think he doubted me, but I like a challenge).

It took me a total of 3 minutes to fix this pumpkin :) The most complicated part was finding a stick in the backyard that was about the diameter of the hole for the stem. Once I found that, it took me 10 seconds to saw it with a hack saw to the correct length (I left the broken end fairly jagged to grip the styrofoam better at the bottom of the opening.

 I used hot glue to secure the stick and the leaf. Then I used a Prisma color brown and orange markers to fill in any bare spots in the orange (where you could see styrofoam) and to color the raw edge of the stick that was showing on top. As you can see it definitely turned out lovely. Works well with my other pumpkins I have around the table and you can barely tell there are any missing portions and I think I actually like my stem better than the one that is on the undamaged pumpkin you can see in the background. It has more character.

I think I'm set for our annual Friend Thanksgiving for decor now :)

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