Project for the day: A baby shower (sprinkle) gift

So my sister-in-law is expecting a baby this December. I am so looking forward to cuddling a little baby again (which will hopefully prevent me from wanting to have another for a while :) ).

She's a third time mom, which of course deserves a party, so a family friend decided to throw her a sprinkle (I have to admit this is a new term and concept to me...) to fill in items she may need. Since it's her third little one she has a lot of the baby stuff necessary, but the catch is her two older kids are both girls and since she and her husband have chosen to be surprised when the baby is born this one could be a boy.

I've always been partial to the surprise aspect of finding out a baby's gender as so few things you learn in a hospital are what you would call good surprises...

That being said, I have decided to get some diapers and make a little something too. I didn't want to make anything too gender specific, but the little one is a December baby, so I thought it the perfect excuse to pull out the red/green colors and still be good. So, I had seen a cute onesie recently on pinterest (That place is my drug...really I knew I would be sucked in by it) that I decided to create a similar item for the little one - a infant shirt.

First I cut out all the pieces. I admit this was a first attempt at following this type of pattern. (I was a bit nervous).

The smartest thing I did was paint the sleeves first. I decided to use contact paper to make stripes on the fabric in red and green so I laid that out and then painted the fabric with a fabric specific paint (following the directions on the bottle). Once it was dried, I color set it with an iron and then continued on with the sewing.

Once I had gotten the sleeves, front and back done I worked on the interfacing layer, and had to sew that a few times because I sewed it together backwards first (shoot), then I sewed it onto the shirt backwards (shoot), then I got it right (yay! ) the picture attached is the correct one!). Once that was all done, I attached the snaps.

Here is the shirt prior to the cute little message being painted on. I did a snap closure instead of a bow which the pattern recommended  (because I felt it would keep it on better than the bow closure.

After the shirt was fully assembled, I scaled and printed out the text I wanted on it, traced that onto the shirt (using my very technical light table (aka a square lamp on it's side)) and then painted it in. This took more effort than the stripes because I didn't have the contact paper to save me from making a mess, but also, my brush didn't have stiff enough set of bristles.

So it wasn't easy to keep it where it was supposed to be, but once I got that all cleaned up (the paints are generally washable until they have been heat set thank goodness!) I heat set it with an iron, then ran it through the dryer to make sure the iron worked. I followed that by fully washed it. The paint is a little stiff at first when you finish painting so it requires washing to soften up.

This also ensured that the color was heat seat (I was really nervous I was going to pull out a completely white shirt!). Luckily I still had a colorful shirt.

Hopefully she likes it!

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