A cake for a co-worker

My husband is in charge of providing the cake for one of his co-worker's birthdays. (they do a rotating schedule) and this particular co-worker isn't a big cake eater, since he prefers items that are really healthy.

So, hubby whipped up one of the zucchini chocolate cake recipes I had made for my daughter's birthday. He  asked me to decorate it with a 'tough mudder' theme. If you've never heard of the tough mudder, it's an obstacle course race that involves various challenges through water and mud. It's very grueling and the co-worker completed it this past summer.

So, the portion of this race that stands out is the crawling under electric wire in the mud. (Don't ask me why someone would sign up for this...not my thing :) ) I decided I would create a lake on the cake and then make wire over it...out of chocolate.

I went a bit overboard with my chocolate pieces...I also made tires, footprints, the words "happy birthday" and three people competing in the race. I used M&Ms to mount the "wire" above the cake as well so everything is edible. It's definitely far from the prettiest cake I've ever made, but it should be tasty...I hope.

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