Fixing a problem - Bathroom Painting

I have one small bathroom in my house (at least one that functions). When we bought the house 7 years ago the bathroom was a rather drab shade of purple. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I have a personal affront to all things purple, so the color had to go. I painted the bathroom a happy blue that was two shades lighter than my towels. You can see the towel in this picture from 2006.

(Quick side step: the ducks...we couldn't decide on a shower curtain back in 2004...so we thought the ducks was the least offensive one. From then we received over 100 rubber duckies before 2006 as gifts, so we got a bit overloaded with ducks by about 2007 so it was time to get rid of that motif and upgrade to something more grown up- that's when we upgraded to a lovely white curtain and such)

The the hick-up we ran into is our towels started falling apart. When we went to replace them with better towels we couldn't find anything in the correct colors. What we found was something more aquamarine than blue. They are lovely towels, but don't match my colors....so that had to be fixed.

At some point I intend to remodel the bathroom to be larger, but that's not in the budget, just yet, but I also didn't want to pay for repainting or adding a stripe or any paint or tile or such to a bathroom wall I intend to rip out. The cheapest way to incorporate colors into a space is with ART WORK!!!

Well, I don't have a lot of funds for artwork and we love using our own art and enjoy photography. Actually in 2009 we were in Puerto Rico for one of my brother's wedding and I recalled there being some aqua in the colors of the water. So I had my picture. All I needed was a suitable frame and such.

The I found this perfectly proportioned plastic frame with glass for $.50 at a garage sale. (I determined plastic would be best because of the lack of warping with moisture). Only, it's rather hideous in color. So I broke out the Martha Stewart Craft Paint. First I did a coat of primer, then white to match the rest of the bathroom. Here you can see the before and after for the frame.

Following that, I ordered my picture to fit it (the total cost for shipping and the picture ended up being about $9). I then framed it and hung it in the only spot where the wall is wide enough. (It really is a tiny bathroom). The aqua in the picture really pulls the towel color into the room and the wall color in as well (see).

Problem solved! Yay! Pretty good for less than $10 bucks for custom art.

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